Communicating with Parents

Teachers and parents are both very important for helping children learn. Working together begins with clear communication.

Use this guide to help direct conversations with the parents of students in your classroom. Through collaboration, learning can be better supported in the evenings at home, over the weekend, and over the summer.

Learning takes place wherever children go. But parents may not know how to support their children’s learning outside of school. These questions can help parents support their children outside of the classroom and over the summer.


1) The educator should ask the parent how is the student doing at home. Is there any issues at home that would distract them in the classroom. 

2) How is their child doing with homework? Are they struggling with the work? Do they have adults that can assist them at home?

3) Do they think their child needs tutoring at school to support the parent’s efforts at home?

4) Ask the parent if they can share their student’s goals with them, so the parent and teacher can be on the same page with the student. 

5) What is the student’s summer plans to improve their reading skills? Does it include summer school? Or are they joining summer reading programs to improve their skills. 

6) An educator should ask parents, “How can I support you and your student in continuing their reading skill development this summer?”

7) Ask the parent if they have questions about their student’s performance in school. How can I help?

8) After school, does your child talk about their school day? Do any red flags jump out? 

9) Is your child enjoying their school experience? 

10) Does your child feel safe in school?