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Focus greater attention on key levers to improve student outcomes, including through:

  • Sustained and Committed Leadership: Ensuring Strategic Investments Create Long-term Change

  • Quality Early Childhood: Creating Alignment Between the Early Childhood and K-12 Sectors

  • Strategic Capacity-Building and Systemic Support: Improving Effective Instruction by Educators
  • High Academic Standards and Honest Data: Setting High Expectations
  • High-Quality, Content-Rich and Aligned Curriculum and Instructional Resources: Creating a Pathway for Students to Meet Rigorous Expectations
  • Additional Instructional Time: Strategic and Guided Time to Ensure Results for Students
  • Additional Supports for Overcoming Literacy Barriers: Creating Positive Learning Opportunities for Students with Dyslexia
  • Strong School and District Accountability Systems: Holding Leaders Responsible for Results

Read more about these recommendations in the full Top Ten for Education: Not By Chance report.